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Saving the Samoan Rainforest
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About the author

Paul alan Cox PhD

Current research:
Dr. Cox's current ethnobotanical research is focused on neurodegenerative illness with the goal of discovering new therapies for ALS and Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more at: The Instittute for Ethno Medicine - Brain Chemistry Lab

Paul Alan Cox Ph.D.

Named by TIME magazine as one of 11 “Heroes of Medicine, Paul Alan Cox has searched island rainforests for new cures for some the world’s most serious illnesses. He was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, known as the “Nobel Prize of the Environment” for his partnership indigenous villagers as described in Nafanua. He founded the Seacology, considered to be the world’s premier conservation organization.

Paul is also the author of "Plants, People, and Culture: The Science of Ethnobotany" and "Islands, Plants and Polynesians: An Introduction to Polynesian Ethnobotany".